Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I decided to make a blog post serie dedicated to Severe Acne. It's mainly adressed to those on Serious Acne Medication. Now, bare in mind that I'm not by any means a skin expert ! These are just some tips that work for me and great  recommandations from my Dermathologist . The best peace of advice I can give you if you're struggling with Acne is to see a Dermathologist because everyone's skin and Acne Type is diffrent.

To give you a quick history of my skin, I've had breakouts in my early teenage years. To deal with it, I used drugstore products but nothing seemed to work for me. Later on, I discoverd that it was actually Acne.

I decided to finally see a Dermathologist that gave me an Acne drug, a face wash and a target pimple serum. Used them for a while and my skin started to look and feel better. We stopped the Acne drug, changed to a blemish cream. Everything was normal back then.

Earlier this month, things started to look bad again. Acne was back ! and I had to do something about it. I went to this new Dermathologist that gave me stronger medications, a whole new skin care products and a nutrition diet.

Today I'm sharing the SKIN CARE ESSENTIALS for those like me, taking these acne treatment that actually dry out every inch of skin on your body ( pretty dramatic but trust me, it's true ! ) :

A Gentel Cleanser : Although you're taking strong drugs that dry out your skin, wasking your face twice a day is very important. Remember to use a cleanser that won't strip off or dry out your skin even more. I love this SKINING SKIN GEL because it's so gentle on the skin, it foams up when you rub it in and leaves a soft clean skin when you rinse it off. It can also be used as a shower gel if you have acne in other parts of your body or even for children since it's soap, fragrance and paraben Free!

A Soothing Cream : A good nourishing cream is crucial ! your skin at this point will be so dry that it needs to be intensely moisturized. I use BIODERMA SENSIBIO RICH for sensitive intolerant skin, this cream has been a life saver ! I apply it once in the morning. It moisturises, nourishes and protects, my skin loves this stuff and soaks it up instantly. It's also an excellent Make up base.

Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm : Dry skin means dry Lips ! A very moisturising lip balm will come in very handy to combate those annoying shaped lips. The NUXE REVE DE MIEL is one of the best I've ever used. Moreover, it smells of lemon and honey ! I just can't ask for more...

Back to Tweezers : During Acne treatment, it's forbidden to use any type of waxe since the skin is so sensitive and using hot waxe for exemple will leave serious scarying on your skin. Therefore Tweezers will be your best friend !.



  1. The Nuxe lip balm is my favorite!!! Omg i love it!

  2. Yeah me too ! Nuxe products over all amazing !!