Sunday, 30 March 2014


Breakfast Exemple :
Oat meal topped with honey, cinemmon and banana slices, Strawberries and Coffee

Tea, whole Grain Cereals, Low fat Yogurt, Dry Fruits, Oats for: 
 Breakfast, Dinner and Snacks. 

Fruits for :
 Smoothies, Salads, Snacks and Desert.

Vegies for:
Salads, Soupes, Smoothies, Meals.  

It's True what they say, what you eat in the inside shows up on the outside! Eating clean can 
definitely help clear out your acne and get a healthy beautiful skin. 

First I want to share with you  these Tips I found about the DO and DON'T food when having skin problems :

Also, I wanted to share with you a list of  Specific foods that do an amazing job cleaning out your body and others that can harm your skin (Recommended my dermatologist) are :

           The Essential Foods:                                                       The Worst Foods:                             
          - Spinach                                                                            - Butter
          - Radish                                                                              - Cheese
          - Turnip                                                                              - Egg yolks
          - Glob Artichoke                                                                   - Mayonnaise
          - At least 1L1/2 of Water Everyday.                                         - Fried foods


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