Saturday, 29 March 2014


I understand that it's hard sometimes to go out bared skin and face the outside world, especially if you have serious Acne. It does need courage and knowing what's best for you. If Make up makes you more confident and comfortable, I really don't see why not wearing it !

The main thing though is when having severe acne and being on medication, we have to be very Careful about What products we use and How we use them ..

Since I went on medication I haven't been wearing make up everyday but when I do, I follow this routine :

- First Important step is using a high SPF which is going to protect the skin since it's so sensitive. I use SKINNING SPF 50 that have some whitening properties as well.

- Then comes the Fondation, it needs to be an oil free one ! LA ROCHE-POSAY TOLERIANE is high coverage and I wear the shade 11. It's high coverage and it has some skincare as well but I still do some spot pointing with the CLEARASIL COVER STICK. It does the job but I'm still on the hunt for a better option.

- Whether using a brow pencil or a powder, Filling in the brows frames the face and makes the whole look comes together. I always use the darkest brown shade on my H&M NUDE PALETTE .

- Moving to the Eyes, the job here is to define them. I draw a thin line as closer as I can get on the top lashes with the BOURJOIS WATERPROOF PENCIL in 41 Black Party. You can pull off a look using eye shadows as well. Then comes opening the eyes with some Mascara, my favorite is MAYBELLINE THE ROCKET. This is the best drug store mascara I've ever used, it gives volume, separates the lashes and lengthen them!

- Hydrated Lips is the key to a beautiful look, so don't forgot to apply a lip balm several times a day ! For more fun, Colored lip balms will do the job, MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS or LABELLO LIP BUTTERS are great options.

- Don't forget to remove the make up at the end of the day with some gentle make up remover and cleanser, check my SKINCARE ESSENTIALS in the SEVERE ACNE SERIES here.

Tell me in the comments below if this series has been useful for you and leave me suggestions you'd like me to write about.



  1. That nude palette from H&M looks gorgeous, I must try get my hands on it :)

  2. A Woman Like Me2 April 2014 at 15:54

    I have super sensitive skin too and La Roche Posay is a godsend...especially to someone who is allergic to just about every other skincare brand out there. How are you liking the Teint, I was contemplating to buy it.


    A Woman Like Me

  3. I agree with you, my skin has been so sensitive because of my acne medication, the Toleriane Fondation has been a life changing, my dermatologist recommended it to me, it gives great coverage without causing breakouts I have a kind of medium olive skin and the shade 11 match my skin perfectly !

  4. Yes you should ! it's a great little palette, there's also the smoky version of the same palette with more darker colors that i want to try :)