Monday, 21 April 2014

SEVILLA TRIP: DAY 2 #3 | Morrocan Wedding in Sevilla.



Organizing a Moroccan wedding in the CIEE was kind of a surprise when we first heard we had to do one in Seville. Everyone knew his task before hand, there was: music, English presentation, photography, make up, styling and food. Mine was English presentation and make up, duh.
First, I gave a brief presentation of what we were going to do : short film about our city Tangier, music performance, a fashion show, Hanna tattoos , Moroccan tea and cookies and lots of dancing !
The exciting part is that American students participated in the event. we had to dress them up with Moroccan traditional clothing, do their makeup. And of course give some special treat for the bride!
IT was over all an amazing experience, we had lots of fun and we got to meet some really nice Americans and exchange contacts.
 Being able to go out of my comfort zone, interact with foreign people and just talking about our passions and different subjects had definitely grow on me more confidence. It just made me want to travel more and discover more cultures.
 If your school or university offers these kind of exchanging programs, I would definitely recommend giving it a try!


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