Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Hi guys ! long time no see, but I'm finally done with finals, I took some rest and I am Back to you with more beauty and fashion posts and all that exciting stuff !

Recently, I've been looking for a new lip product for the summer time, something that was light, fresh looking and easy. Trust me guys, I think I found the jackpot here ! I came across this set from CLAIRE'S. It offers 4 lip glosses : a plumy colour, a baby pink, a barbie pink and a clear one.

 Now, I'm usually a lipstick girl just because they're not sticky and they stay longer.I thought I'd give these a go and I think that I've been converted ...

The consistency of these lip glosses is very light, easy to apply on the lips, the colours are sheer since but still noticeable. what I like the most about them is the fact that they're not sticky at all, they have no glitter in them but still so shiny, perfect for rocking glossy lips with a bikini in your summer holidays pictures. 

 The packaging is compact and sleek, easy to throw on one shade or more in your beach back and oh god they smell like strawberry milk shake ! 


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