Saturday, 26 July 2014


"Not everyday is good, but there's a good thing about everyday"

I chose to give a talk about gratitude as my final exam, because it's one of those wide topics which are basically related to everything, to many areas in life in general, and it's something most of us can relate to in a way or another. Of course I'm not by any means qualified to speak about life but I'd like to share some of my thoughts that I've been gathering since I became more conscious and aware of the world around me. Growing up in different places as kid, in various areas, among several people unlike in their manners, mindset, or habits, all through these unfading -not sure if are noteworthy- years, is that most of us never actually appreciate things around us, our families, friends, jobs, education, homes, all in all, humans don't appreciate their lives anymore. Yes, it may sound a little ridiculous, but it became a fact..

How many people nowadays all they do is complain, nag about everything, rush, run all around, and end up in total depression and misery? Although they actually have no problems at all, all they lack is gratitude. So here's something I've learnt growing up: One's ability to see beauty and possibility is proportionate to the level at which he embraces gratitude. Let me explain myself: We live in a world full of good and bad things, but none lasts forever, life is a mixed bag, no matter who you are. We notice that people started to forget that life does actually have an end, it's not permanent, it's temporary, we tend to run all over the place, bond to time, and not actually having any time to think about what makes us feel better, and what really matters. Life is meant be lived slightly, in every possible aspect of it. Being thankful, grateful, and acknowledging the smallest and little things that life has to offer, is one great achievement.

 You may be wondering now, what are those things to be grateful for? Well as a matter of fact let me talk you through something we live everyday of our lives that we never take a moment to be thankful for and that is safety. Every single day we hear people having their shelters destroyed, in wars all over the world, people living in fear of death, but we have a home, we wake up every day and we don't even take a moment to be thankful for being there, alive, breathing, having a second chance to make better choices, and have a better day, thankful for being safe. Moreover, there's health too, aren't we supposed to be happy
and thankful for being in a good shape, and being capable of walking, hearing, seeing, breathing..

 We usually don't worry about it until we become sick, but it shouldn't be like that.. We need to understand that everything has been giving to us for a purpose, either sickness, a problem, an accident, which we all tend to call "bad luck" or "bad fortune" I read this novel, called "The fault in our stars" by John Green, which strangely had an impact on me, it's basically about two teenagers with cancer, but it's not about cancer, it talks more about their love story, their family relationship, friends and how they'll go on with their lives no matter what the circumstances are. What's interesting is how those characters changed their lives just by looking at the bright side of things, just by being grateful they were there, alive, young, and ready to overcome the sickness and see life beyond that. It just shows as well that life doesn't have to be perfect for love to be extraordinary.

I have personally embraced gratitude for the past years, which has changed a lot my perspective of life.. Everyday we need to take a moment to think about what makes us happy, all good things we have, that makes us better people, we need to express our thankfulness more, to just say "thank you" to someone for doing the smallest thing, or the biggest change, or for just being a part of your journey; Just two words can make a big difference.

Gratitude, is about changing the way you see things, either the good or the bad, it's about appreciating, living the life you've been giving at its best. It's one and only life, and it's all about going out there and making the most of it.. You have to cherish the small moments in life as if they were the most important.. One must go outside more often, talk and meet up more with his beloved ones, go for walks, visit old friends and family, and not just sit inside a box and have a relationship with his device.. Help others and surprise them, make somebody's day, travel and discover new places, learn new things, smile, sing, dance to joyfully music, do silly things and do what makes that person happy, In order to make wonderful memories, and spread happiness and good vibes to the world.

I guess as it's said not every day has to be good but we all can find small beautiful things and memories in
everyday.All in All, life is about living the moment, appreciating every single minute of it, being proud of how
far you've come, and hoping for a better tomorrow..

We're all going through this journey together everyday of our lives, all we can do is to relish its remarkable right and by looking at all people around you, and be glad you are there.

Written by:

Nouhaila Moqaddem

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