Thursday, 25 September 2014


September is nearly over, and cold weather is definitely back ! Our skin in general gets dry, especially the hands that are in a direct contact with dry cold air. A good hand cream would be your saver? Using the right one for the right task is key to soft and nourished hands :

For an everyday hydration, a good'un light weight and fresh smelling hand cream is your guy ! To apply between hand washes or hand sanitiser and basically whenever you need some hand pick me up cream.
When you sleep at night, your skin is most likely to absorb any lotion or cream. A good thick and buttery hand cream is a must. It get rid of any dry skin or patches. your hands feel super soft and nourished !
Your weekly pamper session wouldn't be complete without  taking care of your hands. After a bath and before your weekly Mani, Apply a super thick, mask like, repairing cream to nourish the cuticles and the nails. Try to give your hands a little massage to warm up the product and enable the skin to soak it entirely.


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