Wednesday, 22 October 2014


If you saw a picture of me on Instagram that I popped up for a while now, then you would have seen me singing the praises of what I think may be my new favourite perfume. I have been after this perfume since it’s released and I did have a miniature of it that I've used completely, so when my adorable sister gifted the (new-ished released set with the body lotion) AMOR AMOR by Cacharel fragrance for my birthday I was a very happy lady indeed. This perfume seriously caught my eye and I have to say it was love at first sniff…
Now for the sent I would say that  to me it was like a more sophisticated and girlie fragrance. I am terrible at describing perfumes, I would just describe this as ‘Rich, powdery and feminin’ so I have enlisted the power of the Internet to investigate further: Amor Amor is very rich and powdery the sandalwood and vanilla are the prominent notes, with a hint of top fruit notes.. It's a great daytime and nighttime fragrance. 
This perfume lasts a long time, People compliment me all the time on how good I smell when I'm wearing it. I will be buying this again for sure and I do recommend giving it a sniff ! 


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