Monday, 17 November 2014


Have you unsuccessfully tried everything to lose weight? Do your curves often cause you problems in your daily life and prevent you from feeling comfortable in your clothes? Needless to starve yourself or draw your forces on covering your body with pieces of large fabrics! brought you today several advices to help you look slimmer without effort! The clothes may indeed play a very important role, and put you in your best figure, or not !

With colors, I will play.
Who said that the chubby ones should remain trapped in dark colors for eternity? Colors may be important to very important when it comes to refining the silhouette, but the good news is that you are entitled to ALL the colors, just marry well, and avoid the total look.
Wear dark colors on areas where you find that your curves are the most pronounced, fostering stripes to the length simply lengthen the silhouette.

The right cuts I will choose.
Not too wide or too short tops, or sleeveless. It is best to opt for clothes that refine the line such as high wasted jeans, the necklines, trapeze or pleated skirts. A detail could also draw the eye to hide the curves, for example, a node can do the trick, not to mention belts that mark perfect size.
Also, watch out for pockets that tend to broaden the waste and buttocks, and avoid superimposing several pieces.
Fluid materials I will prefer.
Heavy fabrics like satin or synthetic such as “doudoune” jackets amplify the appearance and emphasize the shapes.
To be more beautiful while hiding the drooping skin always opt for fluid fabrics like jersey, fine wools or cotton with less spandex.

Heels and accessories I will wear.
Wearing heels, preferably pointed, will be of great value by extending your legs and hiding your imperfections. In terms of accessories, avoid wearing small jewelry or tiny bags.

My self-confidence I will cultivate.
In the end, you will all understand, that being beautiful starts with having confidence. Self-esteem is better than all the cosmetics and all the clothes that may exist!

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  1. This girl is something more than amazing ! And gues whaaaat ? she's my BF !! Good luck sweety ! Keep it up ! Much looove <3