Thursday, 19 March 2015


I've discovered Happiness Boutique* on Instagram and really was fascinated by there products. I was over the moon when I knew I was doing a collaboration with them so I can introduce to you guys this lovely brand and tell you about there Reward Program.

Happiness Boutique is a clothing and accessories website. What is special about the brand is that there is a powerful meaning behind its creation and that is HAPPINESS ! they want there costumers to not just buy quality products to look good but also feel good and happy about themselves. Believe me, when I received they're package it was just beautifully wrapped and came with the sweetest notes and tips on jewelry care, and that honestly made me feel Happy!

I got the Snow White statement necklace. It's so beautiful and well made. The design is amazing and I love the colour and the combination of materials. It's sophisticated and classy. I wear it by day over a sweater or a shirt and by night over a dress.

The website is so fun to brows in. Every product comes with details about the colours, the design, the materials used and also how to wear it ! In fact, you can get so much fashion inspiration just buy scrolling through there Happy Gallery. The gallery has costumers pictures wearing happiness boutique goodies and you know what ? You can do that too ! inspire others with your style and get a chance to win a Happiness Boutique gift card by Wearing your favourite Happiness Boutique pieces, post a fab photo on Instagram and tag @happinessbtq and #happinessbtq (or email the photos to You will enter a sweepstakes to win a 50 euros gift card! And you will earn 5 points per photo in our Reward Program.

Speaking of the Reward Program, this is a very cool concept where you basically get free gifts by collecting points, It is super easy! You can earn points in several ways:
- Shop happiness boutique products ! You get 1 point for every euro spent.
- Write reviews for the products you purchased. you earn 5 points for every product review.
- Share your style photos with Happiness boutique! Send them your photos wearing Happiness Boutique products or tag them on Instagram with @happinessbtq and #happinessbtq to get 5 points for each photo!
- Share your purchase with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. You will get 10 points for every share. The share is done in the Order Confirmation page.
- Sign up for the newsletter. Every now and then they will include some goodie points and new ways to earn extra points for a limited time.

Create an account at to learn more about the brand and the Reward program and start to earn points today!

PS: Don't forget to Smile :)


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