Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all doing great ! To kickstart my come back to bloging, I thought we'd talk about the basics, yes you've guess it: SKINCARE. Normally I would mix up my skincare products a lot to try out new things in the hope to discover something better each time. However, this habit of mine has stopped for quite a while now,  I've discovered this brand called TRILOGY through their famous Organic Rosehip Oil that everyone was raving about. To my surprise, the brand kindly sent me two products from their dry skin rage to try and OH MY.. their stuff is worth the hype and the splurge!
You know when a product just works and you can feel and notice the difference on your skin, that's how I knew that these products made their permanent place in my skincare routine. Trilogys' products are all made with organic ingredients, they are gentle on sensitive skin but still powerful enough to make a difference. The changes I've manly notice on my skin is in terms of the texture, the firmness and the moist in my skin. I wake up the next morning feeling and looking radiant and healthy!

The Cream Cleanser  is made with rosehip, primerose and carrots.It's this very creamy consistency that melts into the damp skin to create this milky liquid. It's very soothing but still you can feel that it does a good job removing any, impurities and make up (even Mascara ! and does not hurt your eyes at all..) I apply this manly at night to clean out and pamper my skin after a long day.
The Vital Moisturising Cream is this luxurious, thick, full of goodness for your skin. it has rosapene, marula and orange flower in it. This will change your skincare game. This moisturiser plumps up your skin and hydrates it to a whole other level. If I stop using it, I would very quickly notice the difference on how my skin looks and feel. I apply a pea size and it does my whole face, a little goes a long way so the product actually lasts so long. I use it every night and wake up to a radiant glowing skin. 

I highly recommend checking out Trilogy products, you can never go wrong with an organic, full of benefits products for your skin. Always remember that a beautiful make up starts with a healthy glowing skin, so take care of yours.


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