Thursday, 24 March 2016


Hello loves and happy Spring ! LA ROCHE-POSAY has always been one of my go to brands when it comes to skincare. I feel that it's safe and does wonders to my skin. I've tried two products from them recently and I absolutely adore them.
First is the THERMALE SKIN WATER for sensitive skin. This is basically a refreshing water that has soothing and calming ingredients in it. I like to spray it on a bare face as well as during the day when I feel that my skin lacks moisture. The information that everyone needs to know is that it does not smudge make up, just try to spray it far away from the face and spray an even layer of the product. Then comes what I basically call my eyes saviour. If you have dry under eyes or dry eyes en general, use an eye cream ! What I like about this PIGMENTCLAR is that it does not only combat dark circles but it also prevent early ageing signs, especially around the eye area where wrinkles tend to appears in an early age.
These are the two products that I've added into my skincare routine and that I absolutely enjoy. Let me know about yours !


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